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Danny Dean

Danny Dean

Tell us something unique about yourself

One of my ambitions was to always work abroad and open a new Club as a General Manager for Virgin Active. I was lucky enough to be given this opportunity in 2017 and open our new boutique group exercise concept Club in Singapore, and also worked in Singapore’s founding Club, Raffles. I learnt the fundamentals of training, recruiting and building a team for a club opening and how to inclusively manage everyone from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Breaking bread and sharing national cuisines broke down language barriers and brought us closer together. English food lost the battle against some of the local options, such as Malaysian curry, Cheese Paratha, Chilli crab and chicken satay (take me back).

I drive a Harley, post my quarter life crisis, and often talk about how cool I look in comparison to Gibbo’s (Virgin Active UK Sales Director) push bike. I used to play competitive footy throughout my 20s but my love for holidays during season always got me in trouble, particularly the time I went to Thailand and fell down a waterfall, lost all my front teeth (yes they aren’t real) and a few bumps/bruises meant I was out injured for a couple months. My traveling escapades continue, I was flying to Belfast for Virgin Active and my boarding pass bizarrely said Pilot Dean. When checking in I was asked (whilst in my Virgin Red Uniform) are you the Pilot. I regret, on reflection, saying “No”.

I have two dogs, Dave (Cocker Spaniel) and Daphne (Bernease Mountain Dog) and I have an 8-month old boy “Wills”. I’m finding it a shock to the system working from home in lock-down and learning to cope with a mini me. I don’t know how you lot working with me do it!

Who are you at work?

I'm high energy, love a chat and bouncing my thoughts around and enjoy having challenging, open and constructive conversations. I’m passionate about self-development, spreadsheets, detail, coaching and working closely with people. I believe that dedication, resilience and positivity are the key differentiators to helping everyone succeed.

Work should also be fun, and so I like to have light-hearted banter to bring appropriate levity to given situations but ultimately there is no better kick than winning and exceeding on targets.

What are your dreams for the future?

I have worked for the business for just over 9 years and still have many projects and aspirations within Virgin Active. One of which is becoming the employer of choice for PT’s in the UK and famous for PT member engagement.

I also have plans to complete a second Masters Degree in coaching, consulting and change, in order to work towards becoming a Professor (I just want to wear one of them hats!) in the future

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