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Ebbie Stout

Ebbie Stout

Tell us something unique about yourself

My career path has taken me down a completely different route than I ever thought it would. My journey started at 16 when I began training to become a hairdresser unfortunately, I found it wasn’t the type environment I wanted to work in and therefore not the right fit for me.

I knew even then that I wanted to work for a large well-known organisation and so I applied for a Front of House position at our Nottingham club. After getting the role, I quickly fell in love with Virgin Active and that’s where my career trajectory took flight. I worked my way through different roles to gain experience, initially as Front of House then Front of House Supervisor, Service Manager, Food & Beverage Manager, Member Services Manager and Retention Support. My current role as Customer Retention Manager, led me to relocate from Nottingham to our Head office in London and the move has been an adventure in itself!

This is nowhere near where I thought I’d be in my career at this time and stage in my life, going down this path and working for Virgin Active has opened up so many opportunities to me and I’m forever grateful for that.

Who are you at work?

I am 100% myself at work. We’re lucky to work in an environment where you can be completely authentic and people respect your opinions no matter what they are. I have made friends for life here and that’s down to everyone feeling that they can be themselves.

What are your dreams for the future?

I want to carry on building the life I’ve always dreamt of. Staying positive and surrounding myself with people who I love and support them in whatever they need. I want to focus on my development and keep growing, personally and professionally.

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