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Gemma Arnold

Gemma Arnold

Tell us something unique about yourself

I love to get out to Alcañiz in rural Spain to visit my Dad, where I swap my laptop and notepad for hiking boots and sunglasses. Going on hikes through the Spanish countryside and getting a well-needed dose of Vitamin D is my favourite pastime.

Who are you at work?

Hard work, determination and being yourself…three beliefs and attributes that have served me well during my 10 years at Virgin Active.

I have had the opportunity to try nearly every role in the book and thoroughly enjoyed my time working in our clubs. I moved into the Safety Team in the Barbican Support Office 3 years ago and since then I’ve been on a mission to create an accessible and engaging safety management system. By making safety simple and efficient, I hope to develop and inspire the next Virgin Active Safety leaders.

I like to work in a team, share ideas and knowledge to get the task at hand done. I have a passion to help and empower those around me; supporting my teammates’ to find their strengths, I feel is the foundation for the great safety culture we have within our clubs.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a stickler for planning and organisation. With Health & Safety reliance on well-documented paperwork, I believe that every minute spent organising is an hour earned elsewhere.

What are your dreams for the future?

I hope to continue with my studies in order to realise my dream of becoming a leading Health & Safety Professional recognised not only the leisure industry but elsewhere too. I aim to achieve this by providing mentorship opportunities for those who want to nurture their curiosity or develop existing skills within my profession.

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